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Key Staff

In STUDIO 17.5-M we combine experience with creativity and innovation. We are able to undertake complex projects because of our broad knowledge of the characteristics of various building types. With the help of the latest BIM design technologies, we can optimize our projects in terms of time and budget. There are currently ten permanent employees in the office - 2 principals, 5 architects, 1 interior designer and 2 members of administrative staff. The leading designers are also full time lecturers in the Housing Department of the Architectural Faculty (UACEG) in Sofia.

STUDIO 17,5-M employs highly qualified licensed professional consultants for the engineering services, including - Civil engineering, Structural engineering, Façade engineering, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Electricity supply, Lighting, Fire detection, BMS, IT, Security, Water Supply, Sewage, Fire Safety, Landscaping, Food services, Transportation, Environment, Geology, Geodesy, Cost Engineering etc. We work in close collaboration with the major engineering companies in Sofia. All of them have a lot of experience in international projects, speak fluent English and use all CAD programs, including AutoCAD, Revit, ArchiCAD and others.

milena nanova

Owner and leading architect (until †2020)


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About us

Founded as a private partnership between the architects Milena Nanova and Plamen Mihaylov in 2006 in Sofia, Bulgaria, STUDIO 17.5-M has now established its presence as a respected and valued architectural practice. For more than 12 years the company has built an excellent reputation for its experience in the design of shopping and entertainment centers, office buildings and hotels. We have also a longterm recognition for our residential projects.


Service List

STUDIO 17,5-M has a longterm experience in design, consultation and design management. The proficiency of the partners enables the company to provide full set of services to the client – from planning and investment opportunities investigation, to design development and  tender documentation preparation, construction drawings, site supervision, design management and coordination between all engineering specialists.

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